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18 Sep, 2014

Mawjhai Amu Records Their First Win RAPL Competition

The star of the game, Masoud Qarizada provided all the scoring Mawjhai Amu needed to get their first RAPL win, ever.

18 Sep, 2014

Mawjhai Amu and De Abasin Sape go Head to Head Today at 3:30 PM

Today's match will be between two winless teams, Mawjhai Amu and De Abasin Sape. Both sides are looking for a win to build momentum for the 2015 RAPL season.

17 Sep, 2014

Toofan Harirod Keep Their Semifinal Hope Alive With a 3-1 Win over Simorgh Alborz

On this day Toofan Harirod looked like a team that wants to make the semifinals for the third straight year.

17 Sep, 2014

Winless Simorgh Alborz Squares Off Against Playoff Hopeful Toofan Hariro

Today, September 17, 2014 Toofan Harirod matches up against Simorgh Alborz in the final game of group play for both teams.

15 Sep, 2014

RAPL Brought me Back to Afghanistan

Rahmatullah Khostay loves three things more than anything: his family, Afghanistan and football.

14 Sep, 2014

American University of Afghanistan (AUAF)

Oqaban Hindokosh team visited the new and the old campus of the American University of Afghanistan.

14 Sep, 2014

French Medical Institute for Children (FMIC)

4players visited the French Medical Institute for Children. They looked through the state of the art equipment which is first of its kind in Afghanistan.

14 Sep, 2014

De Maiwand Atalan and Toofan Harirod Visited The Gardens of Babur

Babur garden as the name suggests was built by the Mughal emperor, Babur and later became his resting place in 1607. It is a piece of history which is very well restored and preserved.

14 Sep, 2014

Oqaban HinduKosh, Mawjhai Amu, and Toofan Harirod Visited National Museum

60 players visited the museum and looked through all the artifacts including the vintage cars and the engine of a tram from the 70's.

14 Sep, 2014

Shaheen Asmayee and De Abasin Sape Visited National Institute of Music

4 players went to the music school where they tried their hand at several instruments, the sitar, drums, congo and guitar.


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