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20 Nov, 2014

23 Coaches Trained During 2014 Premier Skills Challenge

Twenty-three Roshan Afghan Premier League  coaches and referees benefited from the 2014 Premier Skills Challenge.

18 Nov, 2014

Saying Thanks

Sayed Baqir was the team captain of De Maiwand Atalan during the 2014 Roshan Afghan Premier League season. Like many of his fellow RAPL players he is a humble and devout Muslim.

17 Nov, 2014

A Hero Recognizing a Hero

Khalid Irfan was the main offensive threat and top goal scorer for De Maiwand Atalan during the 2014 RAPL main event.

13 Nov, 2014

Japan Will Help Afghanistan Football

The Japan Football Association has agreed to enhance the capacity of football in Afghanistan via three key initiatives.

10 Nov, 2014

Farhad Totakhil - RAPL Gives Players Like me the Freedom of Expression

In 2014 Farhad Totakhil's team was the toughest challenge of all for Shaheen Asmayee.

6 Nov, 2014

Roshan Company

4 RAPL players visited the Roshan head office. Roshan being the biggest communications company in Afghanistan, has provided jobs to over 30,000 Afghanis.

6 Nov, 2014

Karwan university

Shaheen Asmayee team visited the Karwan university. They visited the classrooms, computer lab, conference room, cafeteria. Then they had a friendly match with the students.

4 Nov, 2014

Hope High School

RAPL players visited Hope High School which was founded in 2000 during the Taliban rule. The school has been going strong for 14 years with boys and girls being taught alike.

2 Nov, 2014

RAPL Recognized by Afghanistan Parliament

On October 16, 2014 representatives from the 2014 Roshan Afghan Premier League and the Afghanistan Football Federation were invited to Afghanistan's Parliament to be recognized for a great 2014 sea

16 Oct, 2014

Afghan Football Delegation Visit to England

On September 3, 2014 the Afghan football delegation visited England as a part of the football cooperation formed between the two nations last year.


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