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1 Oct, 2014

The Golden Lion - Zmaray Salangi

Zamary Salangi is the most recognizable player in the Roshan Afghan Premier League.

28 Sep, 2014

Police Academy

A few players visited the National Police Academy. It was a very interesting visit for the players. The players practiced some kick boxing with the cadets.

28 Sep, 2014

Paghman Hill

Players from all teams visited the Paghman Hill Palace. Situated at the highest point of Paghman, it has a bird’s eye view of Kabul.

26 Sep, 2014

Shaheen Defeats De Spinghar to Advance to Its Second Straight RAPL Championship

The defending RAPL champions, Shaheen Asmayee, are headed to its second straight RAPL championship after handily beating De Spinghar Bazan 3-0 in the second leg of their semifinal matchup.

26 Sep, 2014

Shaheen Asmayee Look to Advance to Its Second Straight RAPL Championship

De Spinghar Bazan take on defending RAPL champions Shaheen Asmayee in the second leg of this semifinal.

25 Sep, 2014

De Maiwand Atalan Are Eliminated From Playoff Contention by Oqaban Hindukosh

There was a lot intrigue surrounding this contest because of the contrasting styles of the two teams and the fact that the winner would advance to the RAPL championship for the first time ever.

25 Sep, 2014

De Maiwand Atalan Face Oqaban Hindukosh in Second Leg of Semifinal

De Maiwand Atalan and Oqaban Hindukosh played to a 1-1 tie in the first leg of their semifinal matchup.

25 Sep, 2014

Military school

The military school hosted a few RAPL players at their sprawling campus. In true army style, the commander welcomed all the players to the academy.

25 Sep, 2014

Kabul river cleaning

All the RAPL players walked from the AFF stadium to the Shahe-do-Shamshera mosque for the Kabul river cleaning project.

23 Sep, 2014

Shaheen Asmayee and De Spinghar Bazan End in a Draw

De Spinghar Bazan surprised many people today as they played last year's RAPL champion, Shaheen Asmayee, closely all game.


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