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7 Sep, 2017

De Spinghar Bazan to face 2016 APL champions

The 2017 Afghan Premier League (APL) opening ceremony will take place today, September 07, 2017 at 3:00 pm in the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) stadium.

6 Sep, 2017

APL Lunches the 2017 Championship Tournament on September 7th

Afghan Premier League (APL) organized the press conference and officially announced that the 2017 Championship Tournament, sixth season, will be kicked-off at Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) stadium on Thursday the September 7th at 2:00pm.

21 Aug, 2017

APL teams arrive to Kabul

After the 10-day regional training camps, initiated by Afghan Premier League (APL) this year to boost the teams ‘performance and abilities for the main event, all the eight APL teams arrived to Kabul and resume their preparation at Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) and Ghazi stadiums.

10 Aug, 2017

Oqaban Hindukosh ready for a new season

The 2017 Afghan Premier League (APL) central zone regional tournament (Road to 2017 APL) for selecting the top 21 players of Oqaban Hindukosh took place from 16 July to 20 July, 2017 in Panjshir’s

8 Aug, 2017

De Abasin Sape sets top 21-man squad

The 2017 Afghan Premier League (APL) southeast zone regional tournament (Road to 2017 APL) was kicked-off from July 16 to July 20, 2017 at Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) stadium, Kabul.

25 Jul, 2017

Mawjhai Amu finalizes top 21-man squad

This year, the amazing city of Taleqan, Takhar province hosted the 4-day 2017 Afghan Premier League (APL) northeast zone regional tournament (Road to 2017 APL) for selecting the top 21 players of Mawjhai Amu.

23 Jul, 2017

Top 21-squad selectees for Simorgh Alborz

The 2017 Afghan Premier League (APL) north zone regional tournament, Road to 2017 APL, was kicked-off in Aybak city, Samangan province from July 01, 2017 to July 05, 2017.

12 Jul, 2017

De Spinghar Bazan’s 21-Man squad for 2017 APL

The Afghan Premier League (APL) team initiated the east zone regional tournament in Jalalabad city, Nangarhar for the sixth consecutive year to facilitate the road for young-talented football playe

10 Jul, 2017

Toofan Harirod selects the 21-man squad

The 2017 Afghan Premier League (APL) west zone regional tournament (Road to APL) to determine the 2017 Toofan Harirod 21-man squad took place from May 18th to May 25th in Herat province.

9 Jul, 2017

De Maiwand Atalan 22-Man squad finalized

The 2017 APL regional tournament (Road to APL) in the Southwest region of Afghanistan took place from May 10th to May 14th, 2017 in Kandahar city.


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