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Group 1
14Shaheen Asmayee5401118312
24De Spinghar Bazan521256-17
32Oqaban Hindukosh31012113
42Mawjhai Amu310213-23
Group 2
14De Maiwand Atalan5320136711
24Simorgh Alborz512267-15
32Toofan Harirod31119544
42De Abasin Sape3003313-100
20 Oct, 2017 18:00Simorgh Alborz3 – 4Shaheen Asmayee
19 Oct, 2017 18:00De Spinghar Bazan0 – 0De Maiwand Atalan
12 Oct, 2017 17:30Shaheen Asmayee1 – 0Simorgh AlborzAFF Stadium
13 Oct, 2017 17:30De Maiwand Atalan2 – 0De Spinghar BazanAFF Stadium
19 Oct, 2017 17:30De Spinghar BazanDe Maiwand AtalanAFF Stadium
20 Oct, 2017 17:30Simorgh AlborzShaheen AsmayeeAFF Stadium
27 Sep, 2017 15:00De Maiwand Atalan1 – 1Simorgh AlborzAFF Stadium
28 Sep, 2017 15:00Oqaban Hindukosh0 – 1De Spinghar BazanAFF Stadium
29 Sep, 2017 15:00De Abasin Sape0 – 6Toofan HarirodAFF Stadium
20 Sep, 2017 15:30Mawjhai Amu0 – 1De Spinghar BazanAFF Stadium
21 Sep, 2017 15:30Simorgh Alborz1 – 1Toofan HarirodAFF Stadium
22 Sep, 2017 15:30Shaheen Asmayee2 – 0Mawjhai AmuAFF Stadium
13 Sep, 2017 15:30Simorgh Alborz1 – 0De Abasin SapeAFF Stadium
14 Sep, 2017 15:30Shaheen Asmayee0 – 2Oqaban HindukoshAFF Stadium
15 Sep, 2017 15:30De Maiwand Atalan6 – 3De Abasin SapeAFF Stadium
7 Sep, 2017 15:00Shaheen Asmayee4 – 3De Spinghar BazanAFF Stadium
8 Sep, 2017 15:00De Maiwand Atalan4 – 2Toofan HarirodAFF Stadium
9 Sep, 2017 15:00Mawjhai Amu1 – 0Oqaban HindukoshAFF Stadium

The 2017 Afghan Premier League (APL) second-leg semi-finals match of Shaheen Asmayee and Simorgh Alborz was kicked-off today, October 20, 2017, in the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) stadium.

The last match of the 2017 Afghan Premier League (APL) semi-finals will be kicked-off between Simorgh Alborz and Shaheen Asmayee. The event will take place in the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) stadium today, October 20, 2017, at 5:30 pm.

Boir Igamberdiev’s men paved their path to the 2017 Afghan Premier League (APL) final for the second consecutive year. The team ended their last year race as the runners-up.


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