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Group 1
15De Spinghar Bazan6411159613
25Mawjhai Amu6123712-55
32Oqaban Hindukosh311123-14
42De Abasin Sape301225-31
Group 2
15Shaheen Asmayee63121210210
25De Maiwand Atalan6312129310
32Toofan Harirod311157-24
42Simorgh Alborz31026603
1 Oct, 2015 15:00De Maiwand Atalan5 – 1Mawjhai AmuAFF Stadium
2 Oct, 2015 15:00Shaheen Asmayee3 – 4De Spinghar BazanAFF Stadium
26 Sep, 2015 15:30De Spinghar Bazan0 – 1De Maiwand AtalanAFF Stadium
27 Sep, 2015 15:30Shaheen Asmayee3 – 2Mawjhai AmuAFF Stadium
28 Sep, 2015 15:00De Maiwand Atalan2 – 4De Spinghar BazanAFF Stadium
29 Sep, 2015 15:00Mawjhai Amu1 – 1Shaheen AsmayeeAFF Stadium
27 Aug, 2015 16:00Shaheen Asmayee1 – 3Simorgh AlborzAFF Stadium
28 Aug, 2015 16:00Oqaban Hindukosh1 – 1De Abasin SapeAFF Stadium
29 Aug, 2015 16:00Toofan Harirod2 – 2De Maiwand AtalanAFF Stadium
2 Sep, 2015 16:00De Spinghar Bazan2 – 2Mawjhai AmuAFF Stadium
3 Sep, 2015 16:00Shaheen Asmayee3 – 0Toofan HarirodAFF Stadium
4 Sep, 2015 16:00Oqaban Hindukosh1 – 0Mawjhai AmuAFF Stadium
9 Sep, 2015 15:30De Maiwand Atalan2 – 1Simorgh AlborzAFF Stadium
10 Sep, 2015 15:30De Spinghar Bazan3 – 1De Abasin SapeAFF Stadium
11 Sep, 2015 15:30Shaheen Asmayee1 – 0De Maiwand AtalanAFF Stadium
16 Sep, 2015 15:30Oqaban Hindukosh0 – 2De Spinghar BazanAFF Stadium
17 Sep, 2015 15:30Toofan Harirod3 – 2Simorgh AlborzAFF Stadium
18 Sep, 2015 15:30Mawjhai Amu1 – 0De Abasin SapeAFF Stadium

Kunduz province in the north of Afghanistan has been in international headlines for the past week, as it was recently infiltrated by a surge of insurgents. Taliban fighters have been controlling parts of Kunduz city since last week.

The championship match between Shaheen Asmayee and De Spinghar Bazan kicked with a powerful start by Bazan, they blew past Shaheen’s midfielders and dueled with their defensive line, threatening an early goal against Shaheen.

ShaheenAsmayee is facing De SpingharBazan in the final of the 2015 RAPL tournament at 3:00 PM at the AFF Stadium. Shaheen is the two times defending RAPL champions and Bazan made history this year by advancing to their first final  in the RAPL history. 


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