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Group 1
15Shaheen Asmayee6411178913
25Oqaban Hindukosh64112315813
32Mawjhai Amu3102610-43
42De Abasin Sape3003212-100
Group 2
15De Spinghar Bazan63211413111
25De Maiwand Atalan6213202007
32Toofan Harirod31114404
42Simorgh Alborz300338-50
3 Oct, 2014 14:30Shaheen Asmayee3 – 2Oqaban HindukoshKabul Stadium
2 Oct, 2014 14:30De Spinghar Bazan9 – 7De Maiwand AtalanKabul Stadium
26 Sep, 2014 14:30Shaheen Asmayee3 – 0De Spinghar BazanKabul Stadium
25 Sep, 2014 15:30De Maiwand Atalan7 – 8Oqaban HindukoshKabul Stadium
23 Sep, 2014 15:30De Spinghar Bazan1 – 1Shaheen AsmayeeKabul Stadium
22 Sep, 2014 15:30Oqaban Hindukosh1 – 1De Maiwand AtalanKabul Stadium
28 Aug, 2014 16:00Shaheen Asmayee5 – 1De Abasin SapeKabul Stadium
29 Aug, 2014 16:00Simorgh Alborz1 – 3De Maiwand AtalanKabul Stadium
30 Aug, 2014 16:00Oqaban Hindukosh5 – 2Mawjhai AmuKabul Stadium
3 Sep, 2014 16:00Toofan Harirod1 – 1De Spinghar BazanKabul Stadium
4 Sep, 2014 16:00Shaheen Asmayee4 – 2Mawjhai AmuKabul Stadium
5 Sep, 2014 16:00Simorgh Alborz1 – 2De Spinghar BazanKabul Stadium
10 Sep, 2014 16:00Oqaban Hindukosh5 – 1De Abasin SapeKabul Stadium
11 Sep, 2014 16:00Toofan Harirod0 – 2De Maiwand AtalanKabul Stadium
12 Sep, 2014 16:00Shaheen Asmayee1 – 2Oqaban HindukoshKabul Stadium
17 Sep, 2014 15:30Simorgh Alborz1 – 3Toofan HarirodKabul Stadium
18 Sep, 2014 15:30Mawjhai Amu2 – 0De Abasin SapeKabul Stadium
19 Sep, 2014 15:30De Spinghar Bazan1 – 0De Maiwand AtalanKabul Stadium

Oqaban Hindukosh spread their wings and took flight in 2014, making it all the way to the Roshan Afghan Premier League championship. They shocked the football world recording  a regular season win over Shaheen Asmayee and a semifinal win over defensive powerhouse De Maiwand Atalan.

Shaheen Asmayee made history in 2014 as they became the first team to win back to back RAPL championships. Doing so in dramatic fashion, defeating Oqaban Hindukosh in overtime of the final 3-2, avenging their only loss of the regular season.

Coming in to the 2014 RAPL season, pundits predicted De Maiwand Atalan would finish with a losing record and miss the playoffs.


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