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About the team

Spinghar Mountains, or literally translated, the white mountains, are the eastern part of the Hindukush mountain range which straddle Afghanistan and Pakistan. They shoot up at some parts over 4,500 metres into the sky and are white for much of the year due to snow precipitation.

These majestic mountains for the backdrop for much of the scenery in these eastern provinces.

‘Bazan’ means hawks, or goshawks.  Hawks are common in many parts of Afghanistan especially in the colder mountainous climate of this region. They are great birds of prey and have traditionally been used in falconry in the region. Their smaller                 body and shorter wings allows them to be adept in maneuvering within forests or wooded areas, unlike their larger cousins the falcons and eagles. 

The Spinghar Bazan football team represents the eastern provinces of Afghanistan and like their mascot, aim to be quick, nimble and effective and hope to rest the championship of the inaugural Roshan Afghan Premier League trophy for 2012. 

league position

Year Pos P W L D GF GA GD Pts
2014 1 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 7
2013 3 3 1 2 0 2 11 -9 3
2012 2 3 2 0 1 3 1 2 7

Player list

1GoalkeeperKawash Haidari2000
2DefenceJamil Naseeri1000
3DefenceAjmal Pardes0000
4DefenceSayed Farhad Meeri2000
5DefenceAbdul Manan Farahi2110
6CenterRafi Barakzai2010
7ForwardFahim Afkar2200
8CenterSayed Naseer Hussaini2100
9ForwardM.Salem Naeemi2000
10CenterSaleem Naeemi1000
11ForwardShafaq Ayoobi2000
12CenterFaqeer Hussain Himati2010
13DefenceWazir Sharifi2010
14DefenceNajeebullah Faqeer Zada0000
15GoalkeeperAimal Noori2000
16CenterHaroon Sahak0000
17ForwardZiarmal Naimee2000
18DefenceReza Yaqoobi0000
19CenterAbhar Ali Noor2000
20GoalkeeperNabel Yusufzai0000
21GoalkeeperAhmad Zohaib Asel0000

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