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About the team

Maiwand is a village north of Kandahar city, and is famous in Afghanistan because this is where great victory occurred where the Afghan forces defeated the British Empire in the Second Anglo-Afghan War.

The Battle of Maiwand, on 27 July 1880, saw the forces of Ayub Khan defeat the great British Army in a battle that demoralized the British at the time. The battle was not going well initially for the Afghans but the now legendary Malalai took up the flag and sang ‘"Young love! If you do not fall in the battle of Maiwand, By God, someone is saving you as a symbol of shame!". Thereafter, despite Malalai’s own death at the battle, the Afghans were spurred to defeat the British at Maiwand. 

‘Atalan’ means champions, and the Maiwand Atalan football team intend to be champions of the Roshan Afghan Premier League’s first ever tournament in 2012. They already have one of the strongest teams based on the team selections and will  be a formidable side going into the competition. 

league position

Year Pos P W L D GF GA GD Pts
2015 2 6 3 2 1 12 9 3 10
2014 2 6 2 3 1 20 20 0 7
2013 4 3 0 3 0 1 6 -5 0
2012 1 3 2 0 1 7 2 5 7

Player list

0GoalKeeperAmanullah Toofan0000
2DefenceMahdi Razayee0000
3DefenceHousain Alizada0020
4DefenceFarzad Ataie0120
5DefenceMurtaza Jafari0000
6DefenceWali Mohammad0000
7ForwardFaiz Mohammad Faizi0000
8CenterWahid Nadim0010
9ForwardMustafa Afshar0610
10CenterMohmmad Salim Naimi0130
11ForwardSayed Baqer Mir Salimi0210
12DefenceAbdul Qayoom Hemat0000
13CenterGhulam Rasol Fazli0000
14CenterMaroof Mohamadi0000
15DefenceRahmatullah Razayee0000
16CenterSaed Ibrahimi0000
17CenterAsadullah Rezae0200
18ForwardMohammad Zarif Farahi0000
19DefenceNaseer Ahmad Naseeri0000
20DefenceMahmood Noori0000
21Goal KeeperAbdul Qayuom Sapand 0000

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