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About the team

The Hindukush mountain range is the most dominant in Afghanistan, stretching some 800km through the heart of Afghanistan. It peaks at almost 6,000 metres (19.100 feet) near Kabul and feeds many rivers into Afghanistan and Pakistan which form the basis of agriculture for many thousands of people.

The high cliffs of the Hindu Kush mountains make for great nesting grounds for Afghanistan’s great eagles (Oqaban) which boast wingspans of greater than 2 metres.  These great creatures have tremendous eye sight and speed, and can spot prey from over 1500 metres away while moving at speed. Eagles have been respected and admired in Afghanistan and at one stage the eagle was even used as a symbol on the Afghan flag. 

The Oqaban Hindukush football team want to be fast and powerful like the eagles of Afghanistan, and bring glory to their provinces through their success in the Roshan Afghan Premier League.

league position

Year Pos P W L D GF GA GD Pts
2014 1 3 3 0 0 12 4 8 9
2013 1 3 2 0 1 8 2 6 7
2012 3 3 0 2 1 3 8 -5 1

Player list

1Forward Basir Aber0000
2DefenceSafi Kohistani0000
3DefenceHussain Alizada2000
4DefenceM. Omid Azami2010
5DefenceFarhad Totakhil2111
6CenterAli Hazara 0000
7CenterWais Kamgar2010
8DefenceHaji Mohammad Panjshiri2000
9Forward Zmaray Salangi2300
10Forward Abdul Saboor Aseer2110
11CenterAnwar Akbari2300
12CenterSayed Waheed Ullah Mosawi0000
13Forward M. Riza Rizayee2400
14CenterAteeq Sultani2000
15DefenceSayed Sher Darwish2000
16DefenceMohammad Afshar0000
17DefenceSayed Rohullah Razawi0000
18CenterFardeen Hakimi2000
19Forward Parwiz Kazimi2000
20Goal keeperSafi Ullah Osmani0000
21Goal keeperAshraf Sultani0000

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