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12 Sep, 2014

Today's match featured undefeated Oqaban Hindukosh and defending RAPL champion Shaheen Asmayee in a fast paced and highly contested game.

12 Sep, 2014

In the final match of the weekend, Shaheen Asmayee takes on Oqaban Hindukosh live at AFF Stadium today at 4PM.

10 Sep, 2014

De Abasin Sape needed a win or a draw today to stay alive in the 2014 RAPL tournament. They lost.

10 Sep, 2014

2014 RAPL group play continues as Oqaban Hindukosh square off  against De Abasin Sape on Wednesday September 10, 2014.

8 Sep, 2014

The AFF referees committee has suspended the referee, Halim Agha Shirzad, for issuing an unfair red card to Toofan Harirod player, Shokib Farahi, during their match against De Spinghar Bazan for tw

30 Aug, 2014

In the third match of the 2014 RAPL main event Oqaban Hindukosh defeated Mawjhai Amu 5-2.

30 Aug, 2014

2014 RAPL main event continues as Oqaban Hindukosh compete against Mawjahi Amu on Saturday August 30, 2014.

25 Aug, 2014

RAPL players from all eight teams arrived in Kabul last week, anxiously awaiting the start of the RAPL main event that will kick off 28 August between Shaheen Asmayee and De Abase

19 Aug, 2014

With all of Afghanistan awaiting results, the 2014 RAPL Draw Show was broadcasted on Wednesday, 13th August. 

18 Aug, 2014

For the first time since its inception three years ago, the RAPL has invited professional FIFA-certified coaches to train RAPL players and RAPL coaches.


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